The Keune Story: A Legacy of Hair Care Excellence

Since 1922 Keune Hair Care has symbolized the best professional hair products. The company was established in 1922 by Jan Keune, a pioneer of modern perm treatments, and has today grown to be the largest manufacturer of hair care products situated in the Netherlands. It is a century-old tradition that has reached over 80 countries all over the world. The legacy upon which it stands is that of innovation and fidelity leading to its current position as the leader in the hair care market.

A commitment to quality and innovation ensures that Keune has a bright future. With a wide range of products that address the needs of both clients and hair stylists as well, the brand continues to break new grounds in industry.

Exploring Keune’s Brand History

Keune’s global crusade started in 1922, from the sleepy town of Amsterdam. Keune has become a household name that symbolizes sophisticated hair care as the brand has made impressive strides into the world stage due to its commitment to quality and innovation. This is evident in Keune’s global reach today which far exceeds its Dutch origin – a clear sign of the company’s commitment to delivering great products to many customers around the world.

Keune Care: Elevating Hair Care to New Heights

Within the Keune Care range, discover a lineup of products that cater to specific hair needs, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to your hair care routine. Whether you're seeking vibrant color, deep nourishment, or a perfect volume, Keune Care has a solution for you:

  • Keune Care Absolute Volume Shampoo: Bounce and Brilliance Unleashed Indulge in the transformative power of Keune Care Absolute Volume Shampoo. This formula not only cleanses but also adds incredible volume, leaving your hair with a bounce that turns heads.

  • Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask: Deep Nourishment, Radiant Hair Treat your hair to a premium experience with Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask. This intensive treatment, infused with the precision of Keune’s expertise, penetrates deeply, providing your hair with the nourishment it craves.

  • Keune Care Tinta Color Conditioner: Vibrancy that Lasts The Keune Care Tinta Color Conditioner is meticulously crafted for those who cherish vibrant, long-lasting hair colour. This conditioner, incorporating the brilliance of Keune hair colour technology, not only locks in your chosen hue but also nourishes your hair, ensuring a radiant and healthy look.

  • Keune Style Volume Powder: Texture and Lift at Your Fingertips Elevate your styling game with Keune Style Volume Powder. This magical powder, embodying the innovation of Keune hair products, adds texture and lift, giving your hair the volume it deserves. Create dynamic styles that last all day.

Keune: An Award-Winning Marvel

Keune hair care is one of the most popular brands and has won many awards. Join the happy consumers and make Keune your first choice for hair care. Order now and enter a magical world!


A. It is easy to access Keune hair products on the website. Browse through the wide selection of products and pick what best meets your needs. Take your hair care game to the next level – Get yours now!
A. Keune is a Dutch brand, an outright native of the Netherlands. As a brand with a heritage that started in the year 1922, Keune has grown to become the biggest manufacturer of hair products for professionals and continued its business expansion on an international level.
A. Indeed, Keune hair products are designed for all hair types. Keune products strive to meet the varying needs of individuals with different hair types such as straight, curly or thick and thin. Find your soulmate from the huge range of the company’s products.
A. Keune cares about the health and wellness of your hair. The hair color formulations focus on a high quality and level of safety while reducing the use of harsh chemicals. Featuring silk proteins, LP300 and Solamer UV protection that permanently secure pigments while maintaining the salon-fresh vibrancy of your color. Keune hair colors are characterized by soft and yet very effective results, so the color stays vibrant for a long time while keeping hair integrity.
A. Absolutely! Keune products are designed to meet the standards of professional stylists and are equally user-friendly for at-home use. Whether you're a salon professional or a DIY enthusiast, Keune's user-centric approach ensures that everyone can enjoy the benefits of salon-quality hair care.