Keune Hair Color: Unleash Your True Colors with Our Range

When it comes to self-expression, Keune Hair Color is a shining symbol of inspiration and originality. Keune’s professional range of hair color for women and men ranges from the timeless sophistication of Tinta Color to the expressive brilliance provided by Color Chameleon. Keune hair colors are a testament to quality and sustainability backed by over a century of scientific excellence. Formulated with Silk Protein, this professional range of hair color for men and women doesn’t only result in vibrant hues, but also protects your hair and helps it remain healthy and shiny.

Keune isn’t just about changing the hair color, we care about transforming how you feel and express yourself. Explore the extensive hues offered in our collection to complete your journey of self-discovery. Let’s discover your true colors with the best hair color brand in India.

Keune Color

Keune Tinta Color: A Symphony of Hues

Bored of getting the same hair shades every time? Keune’s Tinta Color is every hair color chameleon’s dream come true. Worried about getting the right hair color for brown skin? We got you. With colors ranging from warm copper to cool tones, this range of hair colors for men and women uses base-free ‘shade shifters’ to create up to 650 unique colors, so you can customize the shade that suits your skin tone!

The formula contains cocamide and sea silk protein for up to 75% more fiber nourishment of the hair, along with Solamer for UV protection and LP300 to lock in the pigment and keep the color salon-fresh for longer. Keune has made all the color dreams come true with hair color that lasts longer and nourishes hair instead of damaging it.

Keune Semi Color: The Gentle Touch

Scared of long-term commitment to the same hair color? Keune Semi Color is your solution. Great for immediate coloring or as a touch-up on lengths and ends, this ammonia free hair color for women and men is vegan and gluten-free. The innovative formula enriched with Cocamide and Sea Silk not only restores frayed hair fibers but also provides up to 55% greater smoothness versus untreated hair. The revitalizing complex, consisting of natural ingredients, provides a calming and protective environment for your scalp. No commitment, endless exploration.

Keune Ultimate Blonde: Achieve Your Blonde Ambition

For those aspiring to be blondes or maintain their blonde allure, Keune Ultimate Blonde is your go-to range. Whether it's highlights, balayage, or full platinum blonde, these professional products significantly reduce hair damage while providing long-lasting conditioning, stunning shine, and softness. The Blond Fuser technology, integrated into Ultimate Blonde, ensures the strength and resilience of your blonde locks in just three simple steps.

Keep your blonde ambitions alive with the Keune Care Silver Savior Shampoo. Specially formulated for blonde and silver hair, it neutralizes unwanted yellow tones, leaving your blonde locks with a stunning, cool shine.

Keune Hair Color

Color Chameleon: Express Yourself Boldly

Keune Color Chameleon caters to the free spirits and the bold trendsetters. With nine intense direct dyes and two shade shifters, this range allows you to express your unique personality through your hair. From the Multicolor Rainbow to the Blue-Green Fade, the options for hair color for Indian skin tones are as diverse as India’s population.

Keune Bond Fusion: Nourishing from Within

Protecting your hair color while maintaining its vibrancy is at the heart of Keune Bond Fusion. This premium bond booster not only intensively treats and cares for colored hair but also provides up to five times longer care than other hair cosmetic products. With maximum reinforcement and up to 43% less hair breakage, Keune Bond Fusion ensures your hair remains as strong and vibrant as your spirit.

Keune Tinta Color Care and Color Brillianz Ranges: Secret for long-lasting hair color

Caring for color-treated hair has always been the biggest challenge for all the hair color chameleons out there. Well, Keune understands the importance of correctly caring for colored hair. Keune’s home care range is your answer to maintaining salon-fresh color at home. The Color Brillianz and Care Tinta Color ranges are specially formulated with the same color sealing complex as the professional colors. The solamer in the formulation helps protect your hair from sun damage while LP300 prevents the color from fading, keeping your color salon-fresh for longer. So, make your color last longer while nourishing it from within with our Tinta Color Care and Color Brillianz shampoo and conditioner.


A. Yes, Keune hair color, among the best hair color brands in India, is formulated with the utmost care, ensuring it is safe for use. The ingredients are selected not only for their effectiveness but also for their gentleness on your hair and scalp.
A. Keune Semi Color provides a long-lasting color result, maintaining its vibrancy for up to 24 washes. This ensures you can enjoy your desired hue for an extended period of time.
A. Absolutely! With the inclusion of base-free 'Shade Shifters,' you can mix different shades of Tinta Color to create your personalized palette, offering up to 650 unique shades giving you multiple options of hair color for Indian Skin tone.
A. Keune Bond Fusion is designed to be used as a part of your regular hair care routine. For optimal results, incorporate it into your hair care regimen once or twice a week.
A. Yes, the commitment to sustainability is reflected in their use of 100% recycled aluminum for the new hair color tubes, reducing the environmental impact by 82 tons per year.